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Fayum Portraits

Today I looked at a beautiful volume of ancient Egyptian Fayum portraits.  They are mostly done in encaustic (colored wax) and some in tempera.  The purpose of these portraits was to capture the image of a recently deceased person, at … Continue reading

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Icon Elements

A new icon starts with a clean wooden board.  The board is coated with gesso made from rabbitskin glue and whiting, a powdered talc.  This is sanded smooth to a perfect finish.  The drawing is painted on, it is gilded … Continue reading

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Icons & Me

I told people I was starting a blog.  Many of them, astonished, asked “why?”  I admit, it seems kind of an egotistical thing to do from one perspective.  I mean, who cares what I think?  But to answer the question “why?”—I … Continue reading

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