We went camping last week. It was absolutely beautiful–and the first time in years that we went out in our tent and DIDN’T have to set it up in the garage for a couple of days to dry it out when we got home.  We were blessed with sunny, blue skies! 

We went on a fabulous hike, a 5 mile loop to a pair of lovely high country lakes, turquoise jewels in the forest.  Panoramic views of snowy peaks, and vast expanses of black lava.  It was wonderful.  The dogs ran 2 miles to our 1, and were exhausted.

I was sad to note that our dogs are beginning to slow down.  Running 10 miles wouldn’t have fazed them a couple of years ago.  They were contented and happy, though, and slept all that night and the next day.  I look at the gray appearing on their muzzles, the stiffness in their joints, and dread the inevitable  . 


Larry is 9, Ivan is 8.  The years have flown by.  Dogs are just not with us long enough.  I hope and pray that they will have many happy, active years left, and will savor the time I have with them. 

I was raised to believe that when animals die, well, the lights just go out, and that there is no soul nor eternal reward for them. I never did rest easy with that teaching.  A Franciscan friar, Fr. Jack Wintz, has written a book called  Will I See My Dog in Heaven?  It has some very interesting thoughts and support in Scriptures that indicate that perhaps animals do indeed go to heaven, and that we will be reunited with our beloved pets again some day.  It is filled with hope and love, and is a comfort to read.  If you are interested, check it out at this link:


About reinkat

I am an iconographer, and have been studying Russian/Greek icons since 1995. I'm married with 3 children. I love hiking, camping, animals, my family and church--and icons.
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