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My Hero

St. Monica was born in 333 AD in the city of Tagaste, North Africa, located in present-day Algeria.  She inspires me, gives me hope.  I ask her to pray with me.  Born into a Christian family, she was nonetheless given … Continue reading

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An Angel Gets a New Job

There’s an angel hanging above our front door.  It covers most of a large picture window.  I made it in 1987 as a Christmas decoration when we lived in California. It was a 2-part construction, huge in size, carefully jigsawed … Continue reading

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A New American Culture

A woman on the radio said that over half of American children now grow up without a father in the home.  An increasing number are raised by people who are not in their family (daycare workers, teachers, etc), who do not have … Continue reading

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Out of Step

My Little Blue Book of daily reflections for the Advent and Christmas Seasons asked an intriguing question on January 7:  Where do I find support for my family commitments and my religious commitments . . . and how do I support … Continue reading

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Dogs and Football

Larry is a gentle sensitive soul.  He does not appreciate the shouting and abrupt exclamations that an exciting football game prompts. He did not like the Rose Bowl game one bit, no, he did not. Larry disapproves of football in … Continue reading

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

I treated myself to a digital photo frame with my Christmas bonus check.  Determined to find my 400 all-time best family photos, I began pouring through 40 years of pictures: 27 filled photo albums plus a large box of loose … Continue reading

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2 Surprises (at least) in Every Icon

Every icon provides me with 2 moments of surprised delight, on top of the steady sense of peace and comfort that comes through the combination of work and prayer. The initial stages of painting involve putting a fairly dark, dull undercoat down on the … Continue reading

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