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St. George, the man

The Feast Day of St. George was last Monday, April 23.  In past blogs, I have written about the symbolism of his icon, and of one of the many legends about him.  In this heroic story, he slew a dragon … Continue reading

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Red Mary, Blue Mary

As you look at icons of the Mother of God, and compare them to  more familiar Western paintings of her, you will probably notice that the color of her garments differs between the two. Western artists, especially more contemporary ones, usually … Continue reading

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Spring Weather

It is astounding how much people complain about the weather.  I work directly with the public, in retail, and of course much of the complaining is just chit-chat, but still . . . it surely does come up a lot!We … Continue reading

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Originally posted on A p r o n h e a d — Lilly:
St. Andrew’s Abbey ’11 Is it just another day, another ritual performed, a chance to wear new clothes and serve festive meals, a celebration to mark…

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Happy Easter!

Wishing each and every one of you many joys and blessings this Easter Season! Icons do not depict the actual event of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ directly.  To quote from the book: The Incarnate God, Vol.2, (translated by Paul Meyendorff:) … Continue reading

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