5 Responses to St. Kevin

  1. A beautiful and welcome post. Thank you.

  2. SR says:


  3. Biltrix says:

    “I don’t know when or where through the years that our culture moved away from stewardship and towards an exploitive interpretation of dominion (domination) over the natural world. I am certainly glad to see that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops are teaching a return to the care of the planet and all of creation. It is heartening to a tree-hugger like myself to see this happening.”

    These words resonated with me when I first read them. Now that I have a moment, I thought I’d share my thoughts.

    During my grad studies in philosophy in Rome, I took two “tree-hugger” ethics courses (I too am a lover of nature, especially animals): Environmental Ethics and Animal Rights. These courses gave me the opportunity to read Church documents related to these topics and to learn more about God’s design regarding our role within the created cosmos.

    The key to understanding our proper relationship with the rest of creation, and these things with respect to God, is the notion of stewardship. Simply put, creation is a gift; and we are a part of creation. Therefore, we do not own creation, we do not dominate it in that sense; yet it is ours, to cultivate and care for. The Lord gave us dominion by creating us with reason. The reasonable way to care for and appropriately use God’s gift of creation, is to respect it as gift of God’s love, to treat it according to the dignity it deserves, as coming from God, and when we use it, we use it to glorify God and to bring creation to its designated end, which is to return all things to their creator. When we do this we treat ourselves and all God’s creatures in the way that God intended it from the beginning.

    The best way to use is to enjoy: not simply to benefit from something as a tool, but to take delight in it, for its own sake. Just admiring the beauty of the created universe allows us to see the good in things, resplendent of God’s love for us.

    Thanks for sharing this post. The Lord’s peace be with you!

    • reinkat says:

      Thank you, Biltrix, for this thoughtful comment. I so totally agree with you. And I am further heartened by the thought that grad classes in Rome would even offer classes in Animal Rights as well as Environmental Ethics. Wow. I would not have thought that. I pray that the thoughts, words, and education will translate into action and active teaching all over the world to respect creation, to treat animals humanely and compassionately, and to sustain rather than destroy ecosystems. I pray that it is more than just talk, that strong and active leadership will lead the way towards a healthy planet . . . Blessings to you.

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