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St. Monica

St. Monica is my hero.  No matter that she died 1600 years ago, her example of prayer and perseverance inspires and supports me every day.  My children have left the church, and it saddens my heart.  I pray daily for … Continue reading

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Modern American Petroglyphs

We went camping on the coast last week.  A walk along the beach was filled with fascinating artifacts–not just fossils and seashells, but also faces . . .   . . . art on the sandstone bluffs!   Some were naturally formed. Some … Continue reading

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Book Curses

Long ago, books were regarded as truly valuable, in no small part because they need to be laboriously copied by hand in monasteries.  To lose a book was to lose decades of precise, collaborative work by trained teams of calligraphers and illuminators.  According to … Continue reading

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A Prayer For Our Country

I got this prayer as a forward in my email today, and thought I would share it. There is much truth in it.  It is attributed to Billy Graham.          ‘Heavenly  Father, we come before you today  to ask  your … Continue reading

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An Icon? or a Religious Painting?

An icon is different from a religious painting.  (The latter includes private devotional images like the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Divine Mercy, as well as images of apparitions such as Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Fatima.) It is sometimes difficult … Continue reading

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Random thoughts: evangelizing

Maybe I am just a coward, but it certainly seems daunting to try to spread the good news of Jesus in my corner of the world.  Evangelizing today seems different from evangelizing in the past. I got to thinking about this after … Continue reading

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Humble Thanks

I humbly thank Biltrix for awarding to me not one but TWO awards this week.  I am flabbergasted.        I am surprised and moved that anybody is reading my blog at all, let alone giving me awards.  Thank you so very much. Please … Continue reading

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