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Portrait of Lost Freedom

I know I have written about this church before, a year or so ago, but it haunts me.  Recent events brought it back to mind, and so I wanted to mention it again.  It happened once (at least) and it can … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Biltrix:
Just a friendly public service reminder on behalf of the IRS, taken from the letter below: Any activity designed to influence the outcome of a partisan election can be construed as intervention. If the IRS determines…

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Psalms & Camping

Several years ago, I went on a camping trip with my family.  Breakfast was finished, the kids were happily playing, and I had an hour of leisure time to enjoy.  I carried my chair to the middle of a big meadow, felt … Continue reading

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All Sorts of Blessings

I was camping in Southeastern Oregon this past week, and it was glorious.  What an amazing, beautiful place.  Filled with surprises and wonders.  I came home refreshed and content, filled with energy and love of God.  And when I got … Continue reading

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Remembering 9/11

Let us pray for all those thousands of innocent ones who lost their lives in the attack on the World Trade Towers. Let us pray for those families who lost loved ones that day. Let us pray for those who risked and … Continue reading

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Rosary thoughts

Sometimes I have taken things–like my religion– for granted, and almost forget how countercultural, how radical it is to follow Jesus.  Somehow, growing up Catholic in a Catholic school and a  mostly Catholic neighborhood, it all seemed to fit in naturally … Continue reading

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Icon of the Annunciation

It felt good to paint again today at last.  It’s been weeks since I last picked up a paintbrush.  I am working on the icon of the Annunciation, which I began several months ago. Painting this image, with the the … Continue reading

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