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Redwoods and Candles

I read a book recently called The Wild Trees, by Richard Preston. It was about the exploration of the canopy level of coastal redwood forests in California.  The book contained lots of natural history, as well as the stories of the … Continue reading

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Praying for Peace

Icons, my usual and favorite topic,  are only peripherally involved in this musing, as is the ecumenism of the event below.   Some quick background:  Long ago, the Eastern and Western Churches separated away from each other.  It was a bitter … Continue reading

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Good Will Triumph Over Evil

Originally posted on roses near running waters:
Yesterday I know I joined Catholics and Christians throughout America and beyond in prayer against the scheduled ‘black mass’ at Harvard University.  This morning I read the news: A satanic black mass re-enactment…

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The Black Mass at Harvard – Is It A Hate Crime?

Originally posted on The Fra Angelico Institute for Sacred Art:
News reports have been circulating the story that Harvard University’s Memorial Hall will be the site of a Satanic Black Mass on Monday evening May 12, 2014. The Satanic Mass,…

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