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Icon Workshop: Holy Theophany Monastery

This past summer I was blessed to be able to attend an icon workshop.  It was quite a surprise for me: disappointing in some ways, opening new vistas in others.  I learned some new techniques, different ways of painting icons, some … Continue reading

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St.Michael, Pray for Us

Many of you probably know that the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall has allowed the scheduling of a satanic black mass on September 21.  Archbishop Paul Coakley protested and sued to stop the event, which planned on using consecrated … Continue reading

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Cathedral of Trees

A stream of cars pours into the parking lot, tires crunching gravel,  and come to a halt.  Doors open.  As soon as they get out of their cars,  people’s voices become hushed. Small groups wander along the trails, looking upwards, whispering or … Continue reading

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