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The inconceivable is conceived in the womb of a virgin.  The unmeasurable became 3 cubits high; the unqualifiable acquires a quality; the undefinable stands up, sits down and lies down; He who is everywhere is put into a crib.  He … Continue reading

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Christmas Blessings

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The Good Tidings to “Men of Good Will”

Originally posted on Catholicism Pure & Simple:
In these secular times we are living through today in the West, there are those who at Christmas time still hang onto some long-forgotten remnant of their forefathers’ Christianity (although this may lie…

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The Truth About Ivan

By the world’s reckoning, Ivan isn’t of much value.  Perhaps he is even a Bad Dog. Ivan is stout. His skin is polka-dotted pink and brown. His hair is scraggly and sparse, with an interesting mohawk thing going on along … Continue reading

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I read some words of Pope Francis today about multiculturalism, and the challenge it poses for our Church and the New Evangelism–as well as for our country.  Language. Traditions. Our own comfort zones.  What would Jesus do?  Some modern issues … Continue reading

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