I read some words of Pope Francis today about multiculturalism, and the challenge it poses for our Church and the New Evangelism–as well as for our country.  Language. Traditions. Our own comfort zones.  What would Jesus do?  Some modern issues are unclear, or at least unmentioned in Scripture, but multiculturalism is not.

He demonstrated for us exactly what He wants us to do:

He interacted with His own people, the Jews, those who were receptive to Him, and those who were not.  The wealthy and the poor, the educated and the illiterate, the elite and the outcast.  He treated each one with love and compassion.

He healed and He taught and He welcomed one and all.

He welcomed those outside of His own tradition.  Samaritans. Syrians.  Canaanites. Greeks.   Again, he interacted lovingly with them. He taught them. He healed their ills and blessed them.

He did not turn away from the oppressors of His people either.  He welcomed them with dignity and respect.  He accepted their expressions of belief in Him, and healed and blessed them as well.  His teachings were for one and all.

And so should we be, as Church and the hands of Jesus today, to all that we meet, our own folks and the “others”  We are all the children of God.



About reinkat

I am an iconographer, and have been studying Russian/Greek icons since 1995. I'm married with 3 children. I love hiking, camping, animals, my family and church--and icons.
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