The Road Of Life

I love this analogy. I think maybe I have not yet let Jesus take the lead seat on the bike.

Morning Story and Dilbert

Morning Story and Dilbert Vintage Dilbert
September 4, 2004

At first, I saw God as my observer, my judge, keeping track of the things I did wrong; so as to know whether I merited heaven or hell when I die. He was there sort of like a picture of a president. I recognized His picture when I saw it, but I really didn’t know Him.

Later on when I met Christ, it seemed as though life was like a bike ride, on a tandem bike, and I noticed that Christ was in the back helping me pedal. I don’t recall when he suggested we change places, but life has not been the same since.

When I had control, it was rather boring, and predictable . . . It was the shortest distance between two points. But when He took the lead, He knew the exciting paths to take, up mountains, and through rocky places…

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I am an iconographer, and have been studying Russian/Greek icons since 1995. I'm married with 3 children. I love hiking, camping, animals, my family and church--and icons.
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2 Responses to The Road Of Life

  1. SR says:

    I loved this! Christ and us on a bicycle. Love that image. Thanks so much for sharing. God Bless, SR

  2. Alice LaBier says:

    I loved this too! And it came at a time that I needed something to guide me along the path of trusting more in the Lord, than in myself. I have been away from checking your site for awhile.
    God is Truly watching out for me. God Bless

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