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St. Faustina–and Inspiration

When I was newly married, I received a letter from an elderly aunt in Massachusetts.  It was stuffed with brochures telling of a Polish nun, Sr. Faustina, her visions of Jesus, and a set of rosary beads, along with instructions for … Continue reading

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Homeless in Oregon

The woman was standing under the overhang of a medical supply store.  It was dark, raining hard, after 8 p.m. I had just gotten off from work, and was walking to my car.  The wind blew gustily.  I saw her up … Continue reading

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California Travels

California is truly a beautiful state, even along the freeway.   We recently travelled the length of it, heading south to visit my mother near San Diego.  It was a road trip of sorts–we piled the dogs and our suitcases into … Continue reading

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Thoughts on St. George and the Dragon

St. George is famous for being a “warrior saint”–one who is staunch in defending his faith, who gives witness to the Gospel with courage and conviction.  One of the earliest surviving icons of him dates from the 11th century, and is in … Continue reading

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