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Christ the Bridegroom Icon

I have received a great gift.  A friend from Romania sent me a beautiful icon which he painted especially for me.  I am so blessed with this image and his generous friendship.  I love this icon.  It is so beautiful. … Continue reading

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Communion Story

My husband volunteers as a Eucharistic Minister in our local hospital.  He visits each person who has identified him/herself as Catholic, offering the Body of Christ to any who would like to receive it.  He told me a story about … Continue reading

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Divine Mercy Icon

I have been working on an icon of the Divine Mercy, and recently completed it.  Before beginning work on it, I prayed about it for more than a year. For those who don’t know the background story of this image, … Continue reading

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Before and After Vatican II

I was just a kid when Vatican II happened.  By the time I was finished with 3rd Grade, many changes had occurred.  I remember the pre-Vatican II days and the changes that followed. I often read and hear criticisms of … Continue reading

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