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Last Camping Trip of 2011

So, there I was, a 57 year old woman, crying because my vacation was over and it was time to go home.  I  wandered along the path back to camp, going slowly enough so that the tears would dry and my nose … Continue reading

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Images in Cloth 14

We are in the home stretch with the St. George and the Dragon icon quilt.  We continue to design the remaining pieces, quilting lines, and choose colors.  Today we selected a beautiful khaki color for the border.  The fabric will … Continue reading

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Translating Icons

People often think that icons are merely copies and reproductions of what has gone before.  In actuality, as a continuation of holy Tradition, a contemporary icon is a translation rather than a copy.  It is freshly rendered with the artistic expression and individual style of a unique … Continue reading

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Icon Writing

They told us in my first icon workshop that one “writes” icons rather than “paints” them.  This is because an icon is the Gospel written in line and color, a witness and testimony to the Good News through the language … Continue reading

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Roadside Art

Way out in the middle of nowhere, along freeways and rural backroads, they pop up.  Sculptures, murals, art of all kinds, on display for all passing eyes.  I love this–these surprise “road art exhibits” are some of the best and most interesting parts of long car … Continue reading

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Images in Cloth 13

We are stitching, correcting, recutting, designing, and revising continuously. The quilt continues to progress, bit by bit, stitch by stitch.  A picture is worth a thousand words: We are using metallic thread, rayon thread, and cotton thread, and a variety … Continue reading

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